COVID19 Dynamics on Career

Shreyas Bapat

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I am the Lead Developer of The EinsteinPy Project. Currently working for a Singapore based cloud computing company called Semut. I am a Managing Member of Python Software Foundation. Also an amateur astronomer as the sun sets (I photograph and simulate black holes :p).

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Shockwaves of COVID19

Economic Slowdowns. Or Shutdowns?


  • Large number of Layoffs. Large companies struggling to sustain.
  • Almost 3.3 Crore jobs lost only in USA
  • Once in a 100 year event.
  • Inflation could go sky high!
  • World Oil Crash
  • Production almost ~0

So what then? Does that mean we are doomed?

On the positive side, here are IMF Predictions for GDP Growth Rate


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How to find a Job 101

  • Find a company that is not hit due to the pandemic
  • Find a role which is needed for the survival (even if not expansion)
  • Every other company is running on reserves these days. They will still hire the people who will make them survive the pandemic and the economic depression which will follow.
  • Build up skills that matter. Companies are always looking for people who have the required skills.
  • Network! Network! and Network!

How to Network?

  • Create a GitHub Profile and contribute to open source software (If you want a computer science job) [Because why not?]
  • Network on LinkedIn (Most Popular)
  • Do some impressive work. Some project / Internship.
  • Be active on some of the online communities.
  • Attend online conferences. Upcoming PyCon India 2020 , Scipy 2020, Austin (Texas). These have job boards. Plenty of jobs, talent hungry companies. Find a conference in your domain.

Further Studies

  • A Master's degree only adds value to your profile. There are a few places to get a good masters degree.
    • IITs in India : They offer excellent programs, lot of research funding. And after all that, great placements.
    • IISc Bengaluru : The best institute in India for Science and technology.
    • IIMs (I have a very little or no idea)
    • TIFR (For Pure sciences)

Any other options?

Finding a Grad School outside India

You should start by reading this :

This is an excellent article by Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru (IIIT Delhi).

  • Germany - TU9, RWTH, Max Planck Institute etc. (Free Education)
  • UK - University of Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Imperial College etc. (1 Year Master's Programs)
  • Rest of Europe - Politecnico di Milano, ETH Zurich, KTH Royal etc. (Easy Student Visa, and EU work visa)
  • Canada - University of Toronto, University Of British Columbia etc. (Easy Student Visa)
  • USA - All Ivy League, MIT, Stanford etc. (Very competitive first tier, difficult visa), High oppotunities of employment.

Is that it? Is there a way I can do something else? - Startup!

Open a Startup

P.S. : This GIF can only be a reality after years of hardwork, smartwork and luck.

Ease of Doing Business in India

Have a look at the data here:


Significant improvements in the rankings since last few years. Government of India really focusing on making the process easier. Also see: Startup India


Recent Advancements

  • Global Tenders Disallowed. Tenders upto 200 Crore to be given to Indian Firms.
  • India becomes world's second largest PPE and N95 Mask Producer.
  • Rs 50,000 crore equity infusion by government in MSMEs
  • India Becomes world's second largest smartphone manufacturer.
  • Startups and Private companies allowed on Interplanetary ISRO Missions (Space opened for Private Industry)
  • Defence Manufacturing to involve Public Private Partnership.

India is changing, at a very rapid pace

Now is the time to be a part of it!